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May 17, 2006

Online Clothing Shopping for the Short Folk 101

I just got a shipment of stuff from Banana Republic this evening. Luckily, I was home so that I didn't get another UPS sticky note attached to the front door of my building - I just moved to a doorman-free building so I keep forgetting that I actually have to be home to pick up my stuff. I have a pretty love/hate relationship with mail order shopping. I started doing it when retailers began offering free shipping and returns a few years ago.

Basically, it still comes down to some semblance of convenience. It’s just completely inefficient to go shopping in most retail stores for me, even though for most people, it’s the best way to find new stuff. I can usually find a better sizing selection online and I get to avoid the ton of annoyances that come with in-store shopping.

But still, I wish there was somewhere I can shop where I don’t feel freakishly small. I mean, think of all the things you give up when the brown UPS truck becomes synonymous with high fashion.

In the end, I still hate shopping online because the conclusion usually sucks. Here's the damage: After having ordered 8 different pairs of shoes in various sizes, I have decided to keep one pair of sandals. I'll be bringing back the other 7 pairs, a dress that's too big, and the skirt that's too big. To keep: a string bikini set in XS that went on sale that fits perfectly except that the bottom is made for someone with a slightly fuller bottom (the usual resigned – “it's good enough”), a tank top in PXS, and the shoes that I'll finally resign myself to paying full price for. Nothing like a little exercise with 7 shoe boxes and other paraphernalia.



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