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May 19, 2006

Tube Top Fun!

The tube top that I ordered from Banana Republic in a petite xs fits and is actually wearable. And I thought I'd just be complaining that it was too big. It has one of those shelf-bra things which don't really help anyone (I still wear a padded bra for 'volume' as opposed to support). So I put it on and realized that it was a bit longer than I liked, and it was practically a dress!

And then it hit me. Hey, I could wear this thing as a dress! By pulling the inner shelf-bra out and using it as the bodice part and the real outer upper part of the tank top to cover my middle, I noticed that I could unfold it and wear the top as a pretty scandalous dress:

Not to say that I'd actually go wearing this around...but honestly, I probably could without looking too slutty. I have a pretty non-existent chest, which in this case, is an asset. Hey, in the right light, it might even actually pass for classy. With a jacket, it wouldn't even be that bad. But it only works because it's super stretchy nylon/spandex and I'm freakishly short (4'10").

This was totally one of those 'airplane seat' moments - for once, being tiny is actually an advantage! (Well, I guess in this case it's sort of questionable in terms of taste....) At $28 full price, it's not a bad buy for a night of clubbing. Heck, for $28, it's cheap as a disposable dress, even for a tightwad like me!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this reminds me of some of those "shorts" i see at the gap that are more like full length pants on me!

March 18, 2007 10:12 PM  

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