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April 08, 2007

Prince Charming?

While reading this week's The New Yorker, Sasha Frere-Jones's profile of Prince, in Dorian Purple, amazed me. In her review of his new Las Vegas show, she brought up his height, only to toss it aside as a point of non-relevance. "Though he's just over five feet, lithe and pixieish, he never seems dwarfed by others onstage, and he is absolutely at ease guiding his ten-piece band. His backup dancers....were energetic and effectively underclad, but Prince was still the most seductive presence onstage."

What startled me is that she brought up his 5'2.5" height precisely because no one cared - it was brought up only to point out the lack of influence it had on anything in his professional life (or clearly, his romantic). His height had no bearing upon his musical skill, leadership, or sheer presence. And I couldn't help but think that, perhaps, Prince and his fans managed to do something that the rest of us with any short-person hang-ups are always reaching for - a complete attitude of height indifference.

Indeed, it's his continued status as a sex symbol at age 48 that is simply the most astonishing thing of all. Certainly, there are many talented short individuals respected for their work - actor Danny DeVito (5'0"), musician Paul Simon (5'3"), and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich (4'10") come to mind. But it's not like most short famous men are noted for their sex appeal (even when they were younger). It's the most resistant area of change for the short man. The current cultural climate points out that short guys, particularly middle-aged ones, just can't be seriously seen as potential mates. Kudos to Prince, for managing to skirt the system!

Thank you Ms. Frere-Jones, for treating the height subject with such respect.



Blogger CynthiaC said...

I never realized that The Purple One was that short. I thought he was closer to 5'4".

April 08, 2007 9:54 PM  
Anonymous Gene said...

5'4" is pretty short too!

Anyway, Prince's very flexible identity makes him an exceptional case when it comes to male sexiness. I mean, he went for years without a name!

(As for his age, men retain their sex appeal well beyond the age at which women would be considered over-the-hill in Hollywood type settings.)

April 13, 2007 12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince is doing some concerts in London this is how much of a decent guy he is he is doing a few shows and charging people less than £30-00 This is a bargain for a talented person.He has never let his height get him down.I saw him about 15 yrs ago at Wembley he was brilliant but i think i paid over £30-00 THEN.This is one of the cheapest shows Barbara Streisand is doing shows her tickets are well over £100-00 i know where i would spend my money and line their pockets.Good luck to him and has he probably know he is still well liked over here.Same has Lionel Ritchie.He is a very professional man and i hope he carries on.In England the newspapers seemed to always call him the diminutive one that used to get right up my nose especially being 5'2.And he looks good for his age

May 26, 2007 8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI--Sasha Frere-Jones is a man.

January 05, 2008 10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI--Sasha Frere-Jones is man, not a Ms.

January 05, 2008 10:10 PM  

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