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May 31, 2006

FitMe Please!

I stumbled across this fabulous find the other day. Remember my posts here and here (and, well, basically this entire blog) where I fumed about sizing inaccuracy? Perhaps this is a thing of the past (but I doubt it).

The company FitMe developed a tool they call Size Genie that allows you to figure out what size you are based on your real measurements for various labels. It's a fabulous idea, but unfortunately completely unhelpful for me. As you can see from the screenshot, I am not really the right size for any standard issue clothes.

You basically plug in your actual measurements and the tool spits out what size you are for a particular brand. I haven't tested this for more normal sizes, but I'm curious how other people find it. I'll definitely be doing a run to the stores and checking out how things compare. I'm a little suspicious that the numbers that FitMe reports back are according to the inaccurate sizing charts that the stores provide, but I'll have to do an update later.

The sizing tool interface could use some definite improvement, as it is slightly awkward to use. It'd be great if you'd be able to get back a list of brands and associated sizes instead of being forced to pick through them every single time, and for each particular category of clothes (pants, dresses, shirts, etc). All in all, not bad though, awkward as it may be. Hmm. Perhaps I'll get in touch with them.

So ladies, give it a whirl and let me know if it actually works for you! Sorry guys, it's just for women's clothes. Although I guess it wouldn't be terrible to wear a plain woman's shirt if it fits right? Hey, I wonder if any guys received that suggestion when it better than having the boys section mentioned?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Several men I know, myself included ,check the boy's section for shirts. I even know a fellow who bought a blazer when he had to go to a wedding from the boy's section.


May 31, 2006 9:52 PM  

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