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August 08, 2006

National Underwear Day!

An amusing tidbit has come to my attention, which may spark the attention of all you voyeuristic Manhattanites. Titillating but true, Freshpair is staging National Underwear Day in Manhattan tomorrow. It's supposedly an event to promote the idea that "underwear deserves a lot more recognition than it gets." Yeah sure, ok. I just read "publicity stunt" - but I'm not going to deny that I'll try to stop by to check out the goods.

"More than just eye candy, our models conducted various surveys on undergarment choices and asked people to sign a petition which urges official recognition of this underwear-honoring day." In an effort to tie up even more pedestrian traffic, the models will be wandering around areas like Penn Station and Times Square. And, er, 'free samples' will be handed out by those models you'll be ogling. Try explaining the new lacy thong you'll be carrying back to your co-workers.

It will be interesting to see how badly this event is going to gridlock already crowded parts of the city. Even without this, Times Square is probably one of the busiest areas in Manhattan. Since I'm already at armpit level, I'll try to avoid the heat and crowds by going to Penn Station to gawk at the gawkers.

Pity that the advertising is completely useless on me. I won't be spending a dime with Freshpair, as the only thing it has in my size is already something I know is too big. And as for recognizing the status of our unmentionables, I don't need any help realizing how important underwear is!



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