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September 18, 2006

Modeling Scam Verified!

A few weeks ago, I had mentioned an ad in Craigslist for a petite model casting call. I wrote about about my experiences here, and it turns out I was indeed correct! Below is the post I found about it, again on Craigslist:


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Date: 2006-09-17, 1:42AM EDT

The woman that keeps advertising here for Petite Fashion Show for Bloomingdales, also Gitano Jeans, and other designer names is a scam. She wants you to come to the above address and then tries to con you out of money for pics. I actually called Bloomingdales, NYC today and the director of fashion called me back immediately when she was told what this was about.
She said they are not even doing a Petite Fashion Show and that they never use an agency in Newark. In fact they hold their OWN auditions.

So all you young ladies that are asked to go to Newark, BroadStreet for anything, don't do it.

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