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October 05, 2006

Keyboards for Small Hands

Michelle B. was kind enough to inform me of a post on American Inventor Spot about smaller computer keyboards. While the three keyboards and reviews are definitely geared towards children, adults that have smaller than average hands may find them useful as well. And considering that many smaller people already stock their closets with kid's sized clothing, there's no reason to discriminate against other kid-centric items if they help!

While I personally will not be making the switch-over to a mini-keyboard (I luckily don't have very small hands - years of stretched and strengthened my hands from classical piano have also helped), anyone who feels the strain while typing should probably give one a try. And if you have kids, it's even more efficient since they can use the keyboard too!

Besides, who wouldn't want to have one as a colorful conversation piece?



Anonymous Anderkoo said...

In the era of the thumbboard, the small of hand are finally getting revenge...

October 13, 2006 12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have very small hands always have always will have.My 2 kids have nice big hand mine i have to use 2 hands most of the time.I think possibly due to being short than average height i suppose.

October 15, 2007 8:19 AM  

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