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Shopping experiences and store reviews by a very petite woman. Indeed, it sucks. 4'10", 87 pounds, and full grown - is it a surprise I have trouble finding clothes?

December 25, 2006

It is a problem that the very tall face when confronted with the very tiny...

From Dinosaur Comics, November 12th, 2006.

Happy Holidays!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always had to look up at the majority of people especially adults.I am 48 yrs old and the shortest of my 2 siblings.They are 6'2 brother and 5'9 sister.I only grew to 4'10.I am also the youngest maybe tht is why i am shorter due to them both being alot taller than me.The only time i remember being around their height was when we were rather young.Then they both grew and grew.I apparently got my height from my nan who was 4'11 and now 4'10 due to shrinking has she is in her 90's.Both my parents are tall 5'9 and 5'11.I also have an uncle who is shortish he is 5'1.The majority of the are tall.I always wished i could be their height has pics that were taken were abit hilarious.Usually short one side and tall the other but the taller outweighed the shorter.

October 15, 2007 7:48 AM  

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